Mezza Lebanese Grill

62 Lygon Street, Brunswick East, Brunswick, Australia

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Mezza Lebanese Grill


In Lebanese culture, hospitality and community are values shared by rich and poor alike. For us dinner time is a social centerpiece that extends well beyond the family. Two or three nights a week, our mother would welcome between 20 and 50 guests for dinner. Other nights, we'd share this ritual in other homes. Since the women each prepared different specialties, these meals featured an incredible variety and abundance of foods, along with traditional wines, beer and Arak. The Lebanese dishes we serve at Mezza vary from region to region, with different spices and flavorings adding each area's unique accent.

Lebanon is a country of contrasts and diversities, a place with many old traditions and much sophistication, where modern Lebanon stands alongside ancient ruins and old souks (market places), where trade still flourishes and the aroma of exotic spices fills the air.

Come and experience Lebanon at Mezza Lebanese Grill tonight!

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