Newenham Adelaide Hills

164 Flaxley Road, Mount Barker, Australia
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Newenham Adelaide Hills


A beautiful new residential address in the Adelaide Hills, Newenham is designed to enrich the health, happiness & wellbeing of everyone who calls it home. Newenham is a beautiful new residential address in the Adelaide Hills where nature, thoughtful design and community values combine to support the wellbeing of the whole community.

Newenham won’t be a typical housing development. We’re looking to create a quality community where a resident’s health and lifestyle are nurtured and nourished in equal measure. It’ll be a place for a prosperous, flourishing and diverse community that will delight and inspire you.

From the proposed community farm and market café, to the potential wellness centre and B&B overlooking the pear orchard, we’ve been looking at all sorts of new ways to nurture and expand our vision with those residents who choose to make Newenham home.

When we were designing Newenham, we wanted to allow for plenty of natural open space. Luckily, we had a very impressive starting point: the magnificent Western Flat Creek that flows through the heart of Newenham. To give this beautiful centrepiece the breathing space it deserves, we will deliver a native vegetation corridor for flora and fauna within the creek’s natural contours.

Our network of tranquil park trails will connect residents to around nine hectares of sports and recreation reserves within our project, and then on in to the Mount Barker town centre.

Our open space philosophy is also reflected in the larger allotment sizes that Newenham residents will enjoy – an average size of 700 square metres.

We can proudly say that every element of Newenham will be designed to support health, happiness and wellbeing, whilst sitting respectfully within the beautiful natural environment. By doing this, we hope to create a new benchmark for living in Adelaide Hills.

There’s plenty to discover about Newenham so please visit our website at to find out more.

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