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Efficiency Solutions Services


A small, hard-working consulting firm based in the US and operating out of Australia with global mobility. Brian began his career as an equipment operator in an open pit gold mine just out of high school, and found himself training new operators at the age of 19. With a passion for improving and honing his skills, he quickly realized that proper operating techniques would lay the foundation for maximizing production while minimizing downtime and maintenance costs. After 17 years as a customer, he joined Caterpillar as a Demonstrator/Instructor, achieved Caterpillar Certification as an Instructor for all 8 major machine product families, and further increased his knowledge and skills specialising in application efficiencies for a period of 11 years.

Brian is an Application Specialist as well as Managing Director at Efficiency Solutions Services, and oversees the operation, training and site evaluations with a true hands-on approach.

17 years Open-Pit Mining in North America
Operator – qualified on all equipment used in open pit mining – 9.5 years
Supervisor/Leadman – 5 years
Training Coordinator – 2.5 years
Joined Caterpillar Inc. 1 November, 2004
Product Demonstrator/Instructor, Edwards DLC (USA) – 3 years
Senior Product Demonstrator/Instructor, Edwards DLC  (USA) – 2 years
Senior Marketing Training Consultant, FPC Manager (USA) – 2 years
Systems Application Specialist, Asia-Pacific (Australia) – 4 years

Working with customers, training operators and staff, visiting jobsites in 25 countries on 5 continents, Brian has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience. He has developed, coordinated, narrated and operated in machine demonstrations for multiple international trade shows, had a couple of articles on production estimation published in several popular industry magazines, and has delivered application efficiency talks at both Mining and Quarry Association Events. Combining this wealth of knowledge and experience with a great passion for helping others improve and succeed makes Brian Sims one of the most valuable contacts a customer can have in this industry.

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