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60 Robertson Street, Port Kembla, Australia

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Beauty to Impress - Skin Management and Anti-Ageing Clinic


"Thanks to Vicky's great advice, care and consideration, my skin looks and feels great and is no longer sensitive and reactive. My only regret is that I didn't start going to see Vicky sooner! Thanks again!"  - Jessica Fynmore Beauty to Impress pride themselves on their ability to provide the ultimate spa experience. I am committed to delivering amazing skin and beauty treatments that are tailored to each client’s needs.

I assist my clients to look and feel wonderful, utilising an elite, chemical-free product range to give my clients a rejuvenating, invigorating experience and a new lease on life.

I know that I couldn't exist without my clients so I make every effort to make my clients feel comfortable, relaxed and completely satisfied.

After a warm welcome, I get to know exactly what each clients concerns are by conducting a professional skin analysis and then recommend the products that are best suited to the clients needs.

At Beauty to Impress I am helpful, only suggesting the treatments I know will deliver the results my clients are looking for and I have never had a complaint.

Beauty to Impress differ from other salons as I personally guarantee all my services. If a client is not completely satisfied I am happy to fully refund or redo the treatment for free.

It is important to me to maintain strong relationships with my clients and I usually have my clients friends and relatives come in as they have heard about my luxurious treatments and friendly, professional service.

Once I take on a new client, my intention is to look after them for life, so I work hard to ensure that after every visit they feel like a million dollars.

Beauty to Impress is also unique in that I create beauty packages to give my clients more for their money. Several treatments will be combined into one package so that clients can experience a luxurious treat at an affordable price.

At Beauty to Impress, clients are educated about the products and treatments available and taught how to recreate the spa experience in their own home. This enable my clients to have healthy, youthful looking skin and feel confident about their appearance every day.

Beauty to Impress has been named as a finalist in the Illawarra Business Awards in 2011 and 2013. This has been an exciting opportunity for my business as I continue to strive for fantastic customer service.

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