le vieil Ecotay, Ecotay, France

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12:00 - 23:00
12:00 - 23:00
12:00 - 23:00
12:00 - 23:00
12:00 - 23:00


The restaurant l'escapade (Ecotay l Olme)  Timeline PhotosVotre restaurant the Getaway will be open on 31 December and the first of the year come celebrate the new year with us !!🍻🍸🍹 Reservations strongly recommended! 😘😪
Menus of 31 December, 45 €
The five appetizers that are festive (chef surprise)
The farandole of flavours :
- Homemade duck Foie gras (PGI EXTRA)
- The big shrimp tropical roast to arômates
- The duck (IGP sud ouest)
- Salmon Norwegian
- Salads and vegetables cisellés
The beautiful tournedos of duck acustomed to the cépes and the foie gras pan fried
The net monkfish sauce Uzu statement
The twelve strokes of midnight
Glass of champagne accompanied of its delights winters, 7 pieces (chef surprise)The restaurant the Getaway will be open for the holidays of end of the year, and offers a menu of Christmas 35,00
Put it in your mouth winter :
- consommé of cabbage, red statement chantilly spray
- muffin of winter with chestnuts
- Browse the end
Flavours festive
- The home-made foie gras
- The gambas roasted in the wisky
- Duck Magret IGP
- Norwegian smoked salmon
- Hodge podge fresh
The monkfish sauce armoricaine and crayfish
The rose breast of duck accomodée with foie gras and porcini sauce
Accompanied by gratin to the cépes and four winter vegetables
Medley Christmas :
- Log home
Ice - verveine du Velay PGI
- Fruit salad scented with absintheVenez discover our new map. Formula duck : duck leg confit with sauce of cherries and red berries, potatoes sarladaises houses, flan, carrot house, tomato provencal and a salad forézienne !The restaurant welcomes you tonight from 19h suggestions this evening the duck leg confit, house servient with au gratin with porcini mushrooms and fine food ! 😘😘😘Happy hours all weekend, 18-20h a conso bought a available with or without alcohol
#NIKKA #BELLEVEDERE #GRANDEBASTIDE #COKTAILSSSALCOOL #JETAIMEDANIELLEL'appetizers restaurant that is this : consumed choice red chef wraps the salmon cream dill and tapenade, house vegetables of the sun 😚😘😘ALERT GREAT COLD
Come and warm you up to the Getaway and enjoy our fondue at the cheese ! Plate meal and dessert 17 €This Thursday evening we offer you to come enjoy with us le beaujolais nouveau at the restaurant
We start the tasting we think of vousIncroyable a never-before-seen Ecotay ! Martin pulls out a salmon of 5 kg of Cotayet .... Enjoy ! 🐟😁😘😘🙊😮We celebrate tonight the anniversary of our beautiful Getaway come and hobnob with us, we offer you the Kir 😘😚😙

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Timeline Photos Venez fêter la Saint-Valentin au resto, encore quelques place disponible 😘😘

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