G/F, 35 Sun Chun Street, Tai Hang (大坑新村街35號地下), Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Opening Hours

19:30 - 22:30


My Private Kitchen :) FULL details below  So it’s FINALLY here! “k.” It’s my own little private kitchen in HK. After cooking my own menu for 50 people in Toronto, I have been craving to do it again. Fortunately, I’ve been blessed with an opportunity to do something similar in HK and I’m gonna freaking do it. This isn’t and won’t be just for me. I will be inviting fellow cooks for collabs, so please message me and tell me if you’re interested (whether it be savory, desserts, or even wine pairing).  

So here is how it works. Every Wednesday there will 6 seat and 6 dishes and I’m going to be charging $400-$500 per seat depending on the food cost. Reservations can be made through Facebook or my mobile 6741 9558. If there are any cancellations please notify me as far in advance as possible, so I can arrange accordingly. Please include all allergies and major dislikes and I will try my best to satisfy everyone :)

At first, I will only be running it on Wednesdays but if there are more requests, I’ll be opening on Tuesdays as well (that just means I don’t get much of a life). That being said, I want to make this a weekly thing but in order for that to happen I need your help. Please share, like, and post this with all your friends and whoever you think will be interested.

Thank you and hope to see everyone soon!