Quay Co-op Vegetarian Restaurant and Wholefood Stores

24 Sullivans Quay, Cork, Ireland

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Quay Co-op Vegetarian Restaurant and Wholefood Stores


The Quay Co-op is a workers op-operative, specialising in vegetarian, health and organic foods. We run a restaurant, coffee dock and 3 health food shops.  The Quay Co-op is a workers op-operative based on Sullivan’s Quay, in the heart of Cork City.  We run an acclaimed vegetarian restaurant, in-house bakery, & three whole food shops in Cork City, Ballincollig, and Carrigaline.

We’re committed to quality wholesome foods.  We bake our own breads, produce all our meals daily, and source the best natural ingredients from both local suppliers and abroad.  Our whole food shops boast a vast product line with competitive prices on organic & natural goods.

The Quay Co-op was founded in 1982 as a radical/alternative community project by a collective effort of feminist, lesbian & gay, environmental and other alternative groups and individuals.  Throughout the 1980’s it provided a local base for the politics of the new social movements of the period – at a time when Irish society, and its economy,  seemed to be going backwards rather than forwards.

In the changed environment of the 2000’s, Quay Co-op re-invented itself as a worker’s co- operative, running a successful vegetarian restaurant, organic  food store and ‘in-house’ bakery.  However, it still retains the personality and values of its radical origins.

Timeline Photos Making the most of mince pie season at the coop today! YUM.

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Photos from Quay Co-op Vegetarian Restaurant and Wholefood Stores's post Our beautiful #sugarfree #dairyfree Christmas cake, looking delicious! We're not sure we'll last 'till Christmas Day to crack this one open...👌

Photos from Quay Co-op Vegetarian Restaurant and Wholefood Stores\u0027s post