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Sinnott Training & Certification provide a full range of Health & Safety Training Courses. We are experts in First Aid Training, having full recognition from the Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council.

www.stac.ie Our Story
Hi, I am Seamus an Emergency Medical Technician (E.M.T.) and founder of Sinnott Training & Certification Ltd.
Only 1 year after completing a degree in University of Limerick, while working in industry, I witnessed my manager suffer an accident, which lead to an amputation. This was a real wake-up call, I knew then that the first aid training the staff and I had received had not prepared us. We did not react correctly. My skills needed improving.
I transferred from an infantry unit to army medical corps (reserve unit) , and strove to improve my skills successfully completing ambulance and instructor courses.
A few years later S.T.A.C. was formed with the goal of providing First Class, First Aid Training. Teaching the skills is not enough, we build confidence, confidence in people so they can react better than I did when first put in the situation mentioned above.
5000 people approx. die each year in Ireland from Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Ireland currently has a survival rate of approx. 7%, 68% of cases happen in their home including my uncle. 40% do not receive early CPR, & 87% do not get early defibrillation. S.T.A.C’s mission is to improve this by giving these lifesaving skills to as many people as possible.
I have built a team, all of who are passionate about top quality First Aid. Nobody in the S.T.A.C. office is ‘just admin’ all have thorough knowledge of the certification systems involved and a  long history and involvement in providing first aid in different sectors, industry, red cross, army medical corp.