Lavo Nite Club

166 Bluff Road, Durban, South Africa
Dance & Night Club

Opening Hours

21:00 - 05:00
21:00 - 06:00
Lavo Nite Club


Lavo Niteclub and Vista Cocktail Lounge and Pool Bar  Hip Hop Palace Nite Club
open every Friday and Saturday

* 2 Bars
* Big Screen
* State Of The Art Sound & Lighting
* Exclusive VIP Area
* Fully Air Conditioned
* Outdoor Smoking Balcony

Pool City (Cue Logic)
open from Tuesday to Monday

* 16 pool tables
* Beer on tap
* DSTV with big screen
* Karaoke every Thursday
* Hubbly Lounge and Ladies Bar

Strict Security and CCTV surveillance

Both venues available for hire ....

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With #claudia_peter \nTake #selfie \nJustHappyUsFriends4EVER

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Blessed  hah people \nRissing up in da morning \nMiad  man